Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My First Commercial

During the holidays I was asked if I wanted to do a commercial for a store called The Black Orchid. You know I've done movies before but I'd never done a commercial so I said why not!? So, I storyboarded my idea for the commercial and met with the shop owner to run my idea by her. I had fun directing the commercial and producing it. I also made the music you hear on a website called Otomata. Click on the link and play around with it! My dad and I made a steady-cam for the shots, too! The kids in the commercial did a really great job! Thanks everybody, I hope you like it!


Kevin Sweeney said...

Well done Jack - loved seeing your work. Mr. Sweeney

Lefty said...

Once again...SO proud of you! The music is very soothing and captivating! You got a great ear for creating melodies that are perfect for your task at hand! Your camera work is great too!

I have never been to that store, but have been nearby many time and have always wanted to stop in. You did a great job capturing the essence of the store. I know where I am going to stop once I have some free time. I'll be sure to tell them I learned of the store from your commercial.