Thursday, December 29, 2011

Heidi (1937)

Main Characters
Heidi played by Shirley Temple
Adolph Kramer played by Jean Hersholt
Elsa played by Pauline Moore

Directed by Allan Dwan

Run Time: 88 minutes
Reel Review Rating: 7

What was the movie about?
The movie was about a girl who is sent to live with her mean grandfather and she shows him the true meaning of love and kindness. Then, Heidi gets taken to a new family and helps them. Heidi is spreading joy.

What I thought about the movie.
I thought the movie was good and loveable. Shirley Temple is a pretty good actor for being so young.

What I learned about making films.
I learned you shouldn't over do catchy music (It is not good). The music was overwhelming during the picture. For example, if you play catchy music half the time during the movie, it sticks with people longer than they want it to.

Why I think other kids should see this film.
I think other kids should see this movie so they can experience Heidi and her talents in acting, dancing, and singing.

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