Sunday, November 6, 2011

Castle in the Sky (1986)

Castle in the Sky is my first Studio Ghibli recommendation because it really lets people get off to a good start with Studio Ghibli and helps to experience its magical side. Enjoy!

Main Characters
Sheeta played by Anna Paquin
Pazu played by James Van Der Beek
Dola played by Cloris Leachman
Muska played by Mark Hamill

Directed by Hayao Miyazaki

Run Time: 124 minutes
Reel Review Rating: 8

What was the movie about?
A young boy and girl fight pirates and agents in a quest to find the flying kingdom, Laputa. Everyone has different reasons for finding it.

What I thought about the movie.
I thought the movie was very magical. It all seemed to happen so fast. It was also surprising with the turn of events because people aren't always how they seem. My favorite part of the movie was the flying machines.

What I learned about making films.
In this Studio Ghibli film I learned that hand-drawn movies can be cool. Also, Hayao Miyazaki took a lot of his ideas for his movies from when he was a child. He also read a lot of books and got inspiration from those. For example, the flying kingdom's name, Laputa, came from a place in the book Gulliver's Travels.

Why I think other kids should see this film.
I think other kids who are interested in film should see this movie because the scenery is great. Also because the lesson is good.


Lefty said...

Would this movie be appropriate for a 4-5 year old? Where would I find this movie? Netflix? YouTube?

Another good review!

Jack's Reel Reviews said...

Lefty, It would probably be good for 4-5 year olds but I must warn you there is a bit of shooting in it.

You can find this movie and all the others I am going to review at your local library. Sometimes NetFlix has them too, but I never suggest YouTube.