Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Apple Camp Experience

I recently went to a Film Camp at the Apple Store and made a small short. The first day I storyboarded my idea. I learned about GarageBand and used it to make my own music for the short. Later that day I filmed my short. This is the first time I'm actually in my own movie so my mom had to take the shots when you see me on film. It's not up to my standards but thanks anyways mom. I know you tried your hardest.

The second day I took the video and put them together using iMovie. We had a film festival at the end of camp and showed everybody's movie. Here's mine.

Thanks so much to Martin and Keith at Legacy Village for making the experience so EPIC!!!


lefty said...

NOOOOOO! Get the chocolate! :-)
Great work once again! Liked the beat to the music as I think it matched the feel of your movie.
Loved the credits @ the end! Hope the feet are up for an Oscar! :-)

Anonymous said...

So glad to discover I'm not the only film buff in 5N!