Friday, July 13, 2012

Brigadoon (1954)

Main Characters
Tommy Albright played by Gene Kelly
Jeff Douglas played by Van Johnson
Fiona Campbell played by Cyd Charisse

Directed by Vincente Minnelli

Run Time: 108 minutes
Reel Review Rating: 5

What is the movie about? 
The movie is about two Americans on a hunting trip in Scotland who get lost and find a village. They come right before a wedding, but soon they shall find out the secret of Brigadoon

What I thought about the movie.
The movie is a musical and I like music so I guess it was OK. I was fooled by the soundstage background because I thought it was really outside. I think the story was not completely bad.

What I learned about making films.
I learned to never put a twist too late in a movie because it makes the movie worse. In Brigadoon I believe that they divulged the secret of Brigadoon too late.

Why I think other kids should see this film.
I think other kids should see this movie because there was very good dancing (done by Gene Kelly). There was also catchy songs in it that were amazing. It was also a bit funny in some parts and also mysterious in some scenes.

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Kevin Sweeney said...

A you probably know Brigadoon was produced first on stage, the adapted for the screen. Like many play to movie adaptations, something is lost in the translation. Brigadoon works well in live performance - the audience is pulled into the life of the village, and the dancing is much more powerful. This is lost on screen. I hope you have the opportunity to see Brigadoon on stage at some point. Hope your summer is going well, give Mom and Dad my best.
Mr. Sweeney