Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ponyo Movie Meal

During my Studio Ghibli November I reviewed a great movie called Ponyo. We made the meal that was in the movie and I put pictures of it on my review. I received many e-mails from readers asking me how to make the meal so, here it is.

Ham, Oriental ramen noodles, boiled egg, boiling hot water, scallions, bowl, plate to fit over the bowl

Heat the ham.
Boil the egg.
Get the water to boil.
Chop the scallions.
Crush the ramen noodles.
Pour it into the bowl and pour the seasoning pack over the noodles.

Pour the hot water over the noodles until covered (about 2 cups) then lid the bowl with the plate and keep covered for 3 minutes.

While you wait, peel and cut the egg in half.

Put all the other stuff on top of the noodles. Cover for about 45 seconds, then dig in. HAM!!!

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the cheese thief said...

This looks so good. I love frying ham, and putting it in ramen noodles, even better!