Sunday, July 17, 2011

Singin' In the Rain (1952)

Main Characters
Don Lockwood played by Gene Kelly
Cosmo Brown played by Donald O'Connor
Kathy Selden played by Debbie Reynolds
Lina Lamont played by Jean Hagen

Directed by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen

Run Time: 103 minutes
Reel Review Rating: 8

What was the movie about?
The musical is about a person who makes movies (R.H., the producer). R.H. produces silent movies but when talkies come out he is done for. Talkies are what movies were called when the audience could finally hear the actors speak on film. His star actors of his studio are Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont. R.H. is making a musical but his star Lina Lamont is a terrible singer. But, Don Lockwood meets a girl with a great voice. So the studio replaces the bad voice with the good voice behind Lina Lamont's back. When she finds out she is not a happy actor.

What I thought about the movie.
I thought it took a long time to watch it. The music is very catchy. The notes that they chose to make the songs are very elaborate.

What I learned about making films.
The film is a movie about making a movie so I really learned a lot. First, I learned working with actors can be hard. I also learned capturing sound can be challenging. Did you notice my own 4th movie, The Magic Fish, was a silent film? Last, I can't believe all that rain actually fell indoors on a sound stage. You could see all the water collecting with no place to go.

Why I think other kids should see this film.
I think other kids who are interested in film should see this movie because it has a lot of things about making movies. The dance and music make it very entertaining.


Neighbor to the Left said...

I 100% agree about the movie being long to watch. Great observation about the water miss nothing! Another great review buddy!

Ms. Harman said...

It has been a long time since I saw that film and you brought it back to me. I remember that I knew the rain was in a studio too. Nowadays they go on location and even though it's expensive, I can see that it is the better way to make a movie. Thanks!