Friday, January 3, 2014

Brewster's Millions (1945)

Main Characters
Montague L. Brewster played by Dennis O'Keefe
Peggy Gary played by Helen Walker
Trixie played by June Havoc
Jackson played by Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson

Directed by Allan Dwan

Run Time: 79 minutes
Reel Review Rating: 7

What was the movie about?
            Brewster's Millions is about a man returning from the army about to be married. He soon finds out that he inherited 8 million dollars! There is a catch, he has to spend a million dollars of it by his birthday in 2 months. Oh, and one more thing, he can have NO assets. No marriage for you Brewster! Can he spend the money in 2 months? It's harder than you would think.

What I thought about the movie.  
              I thought that the movie was fairly good. There were a few misunderstandings in the movie, so if you don't like someone's future wife thinking that her (future) husband is with another woman, then don't watch the movie. Things like that bother me personally, but I must say that other than that, the movie was great.


Kevin Sweeney said...

A movie I have never seen - will have to add it to my Netflix cue.

Jack's Reel Reviews said...

Yes, Mr. Sweeney, that's how we saw it, on NetFlix. There was a remake of this movie in the 80's, but I'm not allowed to watch that one.