Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The NED SHOW Crew: My Latest Heroes

The NED Show came to my school for an assembly talking about Never Giving Up, Encouraging Others, and Doing Your Best. They had a video contest (click here to see the winners) and I ended up winning First Runner Up. But that's not all that happened.

I donated my winnings to my school in the spirit of our motto "Fair Play" because I could not have done the video without having so many people willing to participate on camera. But, then, even more happened. The people at The NED Show decided to do a fundraiser to buy me a new camera. It was amazing! They even gave me an Amazon gift card and they all signed a card encouraging me to follow my dreams.
The day my parents presented me with your gifts, I took the camera into my room, closed the door, and made this short thank you to all of you who donated. Thanks so much for believing in me!

And, to all of my NED supporters, I've got a surprise for you! Just give me until June to get it out to you because school has got me really busy right now with a lot of end-of-year stuff. But, come June, keep watching your mailbox:-)

If you want to know the WHOLE story in detail, you can read about it at my mom's blog. Just click:
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Brandon said...

Hi Jackson!

I intended to write on your blog earlier, and hopefully you already know this, but I simply think what you are doing as a young filmmaker is great. Thanks so much for running such a quality blog and for being such a person of such high character. We'll certainly stay in touch! -Brandon from The NED Show