Monday, August 22, 2011

Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959)

Main Characters
Alec McKuen played by Pat Boone
Sir Oliver played by James Mason
Carla Goteborg played by Aryene Dahl

Directed by Henry Levin

Run Time: 132 minutes
Reel Review Rating: 7

What was the movie about?
The movie was about a scientist and 3 other people who follow the path of another scientist who went down to the center of the earth and never returned. They encounter big crystals and strange dinosaurs along the way.

What I thought about the movie.
The movie was good because of the lizard-like dinosaurs. The movie has a slow start but stick with it.

What I learned about making films.
I learned a couple of things about movie making. First, I learned that before digital technology, lizards made really great dinosaurs. Also, I learned that sometimes you have to let people make an inference to what actually happened. For example, at the end when they're blown out of the volcano the movie didn't show the people landing in the water. Instead the camera cut away to the disk thing they were riding at the bottom of the ocean and the girl swimming at the top.

Why I think other kids should see this film.
I think other kids should see this movie because it has a lot of adventure in it and excitement.

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