Monday, April 4, 2011

Osborne 2011: The Year We Make Contact

Last Sunday afternoon I checked my e-mail and there was an answer to my questions from Mr. Robert Osborne. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? If you don't know this story's beginning, click here. He thanked me for my interest and enthusiasm, qualities he greatly admires. Here are his answers to my questions I gave him when he was in town.

1. What is your favorite classic movie?
          "I have several and they change, because I evolve and change as a person as time goes on so it's natural my affection for certain movies would change as well. That said, of all my prime favorites (SUNSET BLVD., THE THIRD MAN, ALL ABOUT EVE, RED RIVER all near the head of my list) my favorite of all is A PLACE IN THE SUN (1951) with Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor and Shelley Winters. The story never ceases to fascinate me, the cast is perfect, the direction by George Stevens is exceptional, the background music score by Franz Waxman is ideal and Elizabeth Taylor does the best fake "faint" than anyone has ever done on screen." - Robert Osborne

2.  What do you think makes a movie a classic?
          "To be a classic, I think, a movie has to be one that stands the test of time, and never wears out its welcome no matter how many times one has seen it." - Robert Osborne

3. Did you ever think of being a director?
          "Never. I like being my own boss but I never like to be in a position to have to boss other people around. My two main interests in films -- besides seeing them and talking about older movies on TCM -- are film editing and film advertising, I like editing because it has so much affect on the vitality and clarity of a film; I was initially attracted to movies (and still am) because of the movie ads done for films, trying to figure out why certain elements of movies were emphasized and others deemphasized." - Robert Osborne

Thank you for your time, Mr. Osborne.


Neighbor to the Left said...

Jackson--I still have not commented on your last blog update, but had to jump on this one! You're email from Mr. Osbourne proves that persistance pays off! You have such determination...what a terrific quality! You must have left such an impression on him. (like you do to all of us!) What a success! :)

Ms. Harman said...

I will make it my business to see all the films Robert Osborne said are classics. One of my favorites is "All About Eve" but I never knew anybody who was loved it too. It is about a young actress who wants the husband and fame of the older actress--and she succeeds, just by being nice and indispensable.

I look at content and developed characters in a film; Mr. Osborne looks at casting, editing and advertising. In Toastmasters, every speech is supposed to have a "take away" or point to it that is memorable. Mr. Osborne seems to look at a film in that "take away" manner--which actress made the point the author wanted, the advertising emphasis on one part of the story. Thanks for sharing!